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  • How do I become a high school football official?
    Preseason meetings typically start in May. Contact your local District Director which can be found on the SCHSL website. If you live in Lexington or Richland counties, you can use the “contact us” link on this website. Once you are committed to officiating, then you will need to register (annual dues required) on the SCHSL website.
  • How do I sign-up for your website?
    On the bottom of the home page, click on “login/sign up.” Where it says “Sign Up,” you will create an account with your email address. We will approve you once you create your account giving you access to the full website.
  • How do I register with the SCHSL?
    We will send you the registration link when it becomes available each May. DO NOT register until you are fully committed to officiating since you have to pay dues which are not fully refundable. If the registration period is closed, contact your local district director.
  • What is SCFOA and District 5?
    SCFOA (South Carolina Football Officials Association) represents football officials in SC. SCFOA has a governing body consisting of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Board of Directors. The organization is broken down into regions led by District Directors who sit on the Board of Directors. District 5 represents officials who primarily live in Richland and Lexington Counties.
  • What is the difference between the certification exam and ratings exam?
    The certification exam is required by the SCHSL to officiate varsity football games. This is an online exam. The ratings exam is administered by SCFOA and is used in part to determine your rating. You will take the exam at SCFOA’s annual clinic.
  • How are games assigned?
    Sub-varsity games are assigned at the district level. Varsity games are booked centrally by the SCHSL. Your rating generally determines your varsity game. District 5 emphasizes new officials working plenty of sub-varsity games with a focus on getting you prepared for future varsity assignments.
  • Where can I purchase my uniform and what is required?
    Uniforms typically are bought online and you can buy a starter package. However, if you buy the starter package, ask to exchange the shirt for SCFOA’s specific shirt. You can find links on our website. Typically there are vendors at the clinic. Another good source of uniforms for new officials is asking older officials if they have any uniforms they wish to sell.
  • What do I get for my local dues?
    Your local dues contribute to our annual end of the season banquet and sub-varsity booking assigner. Other District 5 costs are website maintenance and miscellaneous District business. You can find our Financial reports on the website.
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